• The Reverend Joanne M. Swenson, Th.D.

    Senior Minister

    Before accepting our call in 2016, Joanne has served as a pastor, founder of a Small Group ministry, and a professor of religion. Joanne holds three advanced degrees from Harvard University, including a Doctorate in Theology.

    • joanne@churchintheforest.org
  • The Reverend Ken Feske

    Assistant Minister

    Ken is multi-talented, blessing us with his breadth of knowledge about local change agents and non-profits; and his sensitive insight into our church members’ lives.

    • admin@churchintheforest.org
  • Terri McPherson

    Church Administrator

    Terri joined us in 2018 with over 30 years of administrative experience, and looks forward to warmly greeting all our members and visitors each Sunday.

    • Terri@churchintheforest.org
  • Melinda Coffey Armstead

    Music Director

    Melinda not only leads superb music planning and Sunday performances, she also blesses us with her extensive network of musical friends and colleagues who perform in our Concertino.

    • admin@churchintheforest.org
  • Mary Wiltse

    Graphics Artist

    Mary has deep roots in the Episcopal Church tradition, and keeps our liturgies, hymns, altar hangings and church fun in “high church” order.

    • admin@churchintheforest.org
  • Kerstin Holmes

    Wedding and Memorial Service Director

    Because of her love for nature, Kerstin immediately fell in love with our church after attending a Carmel Bach Festival concert many years ago.

    • kerstin@churchintheforest.org
  • The Reverend Dr. William B. Rolland

    Minister Emeritus (In Memoriam)

    After a joyous 18- year ministry at our church, Bill continues to bless us with leadership on occasional Sundays, weddings and memorial services.

    • admin@churchintheforest.org